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Dev Tracker: Colin Johanson Goes on a tear – Game Updates and Balance

10/23/2012 AM
Colin Johanson went on a frenzy over the weekend with a half dozen posts on the forums telling the community that they are focusing on changes to not only sPVP and new content, but class balance as well. Here are a few quotes to read, unfortunately there is no detail to the changes in the pipeline, but confirmation that they are there.

WvW Updates and Free Transfers:

Originally posted by ColinJohanson

Just wanted to quickly add we’ve got people working on fixing issues with free server transfers as well, its proven far more complicated than we originally intended/expected to get done but is absolutely being built and is coming as soon as we can possibly get it in and bug-free.

We’ll also be working on a number of other WvW features we’ll talk more about in the coming months once they’re closer to being implemented!

FOV Fixes and Updates:

Originally posted by ColinJohanson 

We’re in the middle of working on additional fixes for the FOV, we’ll have an update on this very shortly. We’ve been doing some very promising tests internally, will role out more info soon once we’re sure everything is working!
Future Content:

Originally posted by ColinJohanson 

A number of the activities/mini-games are things we decided to table for a while in favor of focusing on features and areas we felt were more important for the gw2 gold game. That being said, if you like activities, make sure to stop in and visit during the big Halloween festivities running from Oct 22nd-Nov1st!

In the short-term we’re currently focused on adding a massive wealth of additional content and features for players to do in the game using the players core skill-bar, which you’ll start seeing in the Shadow of the Mad King update in October as well as our massive November release.

Long term we’ll absolutely be adding more activities as well, but we want to make sure we’ve got loads of stuff to do at level 80 in PvP, WvW, and PvE using your characters core skill-bar first and foremost, and we’re dedicating our focus in that area. Down the road, we’ll continue to expand on the scope of activities available in the gw2 gold game as well.

Class Balance:

Originally posted by ColinJohanson

Yeah just to clarify, the update before Shadow of the Mad King will be a written blog post update summarizing a bunch of information about upcoming features and pvp additions.

We realize there are a number of key features required to both grow and expand the pvp community, and we’re both actively developing all of those, and ready to talk about some of them in more detail next week.

As for class balance and skills, other teams not directly working on the pvp features are working on that stuff and will give updates once they have a clear plan in place. What we don’t want to do is post and say, “We’re doing x and this is how it’s going to work!” and then come back say, “no we lied we are actually doing Y”. We have a strict policy of talking about features and changes once they are far enough along we feel comfortable they are going to work, so we’re actually always delivering on our promises.(Source)

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