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Guild Wars 2: Graphics card benchmarks of Arena Net

08/27/2012 AM
The developers of Guild Wars 2, Arena Net, have published graphics cards benchmarks for the upcoming MMO and talk in a blog post about the performance optimizations in recent months.

Bill Freist works in the QA (quality assurance) of game developer Arena Net. His job is to collect information about performance and compatibility issues - then this information can help to optimize the game. In recent months, here are a lot of improvements have been made and have adjusted the Nvidia drivers for better performance.

Readings by players who use at least one (desktop or mobile) Core i5 show also afford what different graphic cards in Guild Wars 2 - albeit in here playing different versions of drivers, operating <gw2 gold >systems, processors and more. Also, what settings were used is unclear. However, Guild Wars 2 seems to run on AMD's latest Radeon HD 7000 very well, purely on the frame rate but here is even the old Radeon HD 4890. At about 40 frames per second on average

Source: Arena Net

Background: Guild Wars 2
Part 2 of Guild Wars begins 250 years after the end of the first part. Wars and unrest swirled the company image with all its races mightily confused. But a new enemy appears to lift up out of the dark. Dragons that come from the depths of Tyria, are awakened. They are accompanied by an army of undead. Only an alliance of all nations could prevent the impending doom.

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